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Kota Iskandar - Johor's Living Legacy  

Welcome to Kota Iskandar

Welcome to Kota Iskandar, the Johor state administrative centre and Malaysia’s iconic destination, founded on the Islamic design philosophy that harmonises humanity with the State’s history, heritage, culture and nature.

Beyond that, it represents many things about Johor: the heart of its politics, a storybook of its heritage, a thriving tourist hub, and the pride of its people. After all, it is Johor’s living legacy, cherished by all.

For Johoreans
By bringing together government functions in an open environment, government machinery becomes more effective to its staff and more accessible to the public.

For investors
With full support from the Johor government, Kota Iskandar is a haven for both local and global investors doing business in Johor.

For tourists
Kota Iskandar promises a myriad of experiences for the visitor – with interesting sights, charming locals, exciting activities, and the spirit of the destination to be felt.