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Kota Iskandar - Johor's Living Legacy


Every step is taken to ensure that Kota Iskandar stays green well into the future. The landscaping objectives were meticulously created to emphasise sustainability and harmony with nature:

Public education
Each plant or tree is identified by their scientific and common names, along with interesting facts. Care for greening the earth is actively promoted through programmes, including the sponsorship of trees by each government department.

Trees are perfect for giving us shade and promoting a sense of well-being.

Preservation of endangered plants in Johor.

Forms a green lung to create a balanced urban ecosystem for the community.

Trees are grouped based on themes, whether by names of places in Johor, endemic plant species, wild fruit and ethno-botany plants, riverine or water-edge plants, plants attracting birds and small mammals, timber species or specimen trees. In fact, a pilot project is underway to ensure the survival of local forest species.