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Kota Iskandar - Johor's Living Legacy  


Kota Iskandar thrives on innovation that is kind to the environment and sustainable for generations to come. Through pioneering technologies, several firsts for Malaysia were achieved to address the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Safety first
To create an open, relaxed and public-friendly environment, the first integrated non-intrusive security plan with a direct link to the police was developed, catering for preventive protection.

Clean and green
With the introduction of the first fully-integrated non-intrusive waste collection and disposal system that is environmental-friendly and cost-efficient, visitors and staff can enjoy improved air quality, overall hygiene and a better quality of life.

Keeping cool
The first district cooling system outside greater Kuala Lumpur makes it possible to maximise space efficiency and improve environmental sustainability, all whilst keeping Kota Iskandar a sight to behold.

Sharing best practices
Kota Iskandar incorporates the nation’s first building life-cycle costing to ensure sustainability. Best practices such as this are shared under the Malaysian Technical Cooperation Programme (MTCP) organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and INPUMA (International Institute of Public Policy and Management), University of Malaya. This is in line with the spirit of South-South Cooperation where Malaysia shares its development experience with other developing countries.

Thoughtful design
Many buildings at Kota Iskandar make the most of clever design and smart technology to create a healthy and comfortable environment whilst staying green. The Bangunan Sultan Ismail is equipped with innovative, energy-saving skylights that minimise the heat and glare from the sun. The building design also cuts out tropical rain and improves ventilation in the semi-open corridors and walkways.

Similarly, the State Department Complexes have the wide roofs of the traditional Johor-Malay house to provide shade from the elements. Extensive use of glass panels help to bring in natural light. Naturally green features can be found in the Johor-Malay house design features – the anjung (porch), selang (here in the form of an atrium) and pelantar (deck) that create semi-open, well-ventilated areas.