The Inspiration

Kota Iskandar began with a vision to develop a destination unlike any other. One that integrates government departments in an open and sustainable environment, creating an iconic hub ideal for staff, investors, visitors and Johoreans alike. To bring this vision to reality, a joint venture was formed between the Johor State government and UEM Land Berhad called Cahaya Jauhar to "co-create the future".

Having developed several projects for the Johor government, Cahaya Jauhar has built a long-standing reputation for trusted service delivery anchored on excellence, integrity, partnership and sustainability.

Multi-disciplinary studies were conducted to guarantee that the best of Johor's natural, historical and cultural heritage was brought to life in Kota Iskandar, such as research to define the Johor-Malay architecture style. Concurrently, creative solutions and new technologies were used to ensure environmental sustainability, resulting in several breakthroughs in innovation. After all, Kota Iskandar is destined to be a living legacy that lasts lifetimes.