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Kota Iskandar - Johor's Living Legacy
The crowning glory

Marvel at this architectural wonder, a beacon of majesty located at the highest elevation in Kota Iskandar, an awe-inspiring visual gateway to the new administrative centre.

Experience the splendour of the faceted glass skylight that crowns the Mosque, where people may bask in natural light as they worship, and be inspired by six towering minarets that cut through the skyline with a graceful yet reverent elegance.

Built as an extension of the artistic allure of the brilliant Bangunan Sultan Ismail, you'll find, upon closer inspection, that the Kota Iskandar Mosque is lovingly crafted with elaborate, subtle reminders of faith, from intricate carvings of Quranic verses to Islamic motifs decorating the walls and grilles. Finally, make your way to the roof and be enchanted by a resplendent garden.

The Kota Iskandar Mosque is expected to be completed in the year 2014.