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Kota Iskandar - Johor's Living Legacy

The Masterplan

At Kota Iskandar, itís all about the details. The seamless merging of thoughtful planning, Islamic design philosophies and local natural heritage has culminated in a unique destination that ensures every element has its place.

The very "backbone" of Kota Iskandar is aligned with the Qiblat axis that points to Mecca, and guides the location of the surrounding areas. A most interesting use of topography sees all the prominent areas strategically placed, from the Mosque at the highest peak, to the Bangunan Sultan Ismail which houses the state parliament, to Dataran Mahkota in the central area of Kota Iskandar, to the Bangunan Dato' Jaafar Muhammad.

Getting there is a breeze with a well-planned accessibility and transportation system for land and sea travel. There is also an efficient road system, comprising main thoroughfares and pedestrian-friendly roads.

Thanks to a sprawling campus-like environment, panoramic sights can be seen from virtually anywhere in Kota Iskandar. With people-friendly facilities, itís easy to catch breathtaking views of the coastline whilst enjoying a leisurely stroll from one attraction to another. Lush landscapes and water features decorate these open spaces to mirror the concept of gardens as an earthly paradise and offer a cool oasis from the warm sunshine.

Whilst visitors relax, the sophisticated mechanical and electrical infrastructure works silently and efficiently. These include several innovative firsts in Malaysia, namely the first fully integrated solid waste collection and disposal system, the first non-intrusive security plan with a direct link to the police, and the first district cooling system outside greater Kuala Lumpur.

Read all about Kota Iskandar in The Making of Kota Iskandar, available at the Souvenir Shop at Siar Jauhar at Level 1, Bangunan Sultan Ismail and at all major bookstores in Malaysia.